Moving 123Chat to a new Chat

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  • Admin 4 years ago

    Our new chat is launching soon all customized and powered by Donamix! The new chat will work on PCs/Mac, Mobile/Tablet and all devices. Please note currently it doesn’t have Audio/Video but we are working on it and we will announce it when it's ready.

    As we all know 123FlashChat Software is out of date, it is a better and more secured to have our own chat system. We ensure that you will enjoy our new chat and it's features, we will do our best to bring in new features such as Audio/Video, Sending gifts in chat room etc! Currently you can only send gifts from user profiles. If you wish to help out with any feature requests, ideas, etc! Feel free to click on Suggestions below or reply to this Forum post and let's discuss.

    We will do what we can. If you wish to support us financially, development isn’t cheap and can donate $1, $5, etc! per month. It will help pay those who make things better for you.


    Lets begin: Click Here to use the new Chat.

    Donation? Click here if you would like to donate.

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