Obese? No fat anymore!
Obese? No fat anymore!
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What is  obesity

It is the accumulation of excess fat for food energy consumed more than the energy spent food (necessary for the body) leading to disease.

A lot of people suffer from obesity, which can be considered a disease of the era because of its negative effects on the physical and psychological health, and people become obese due to several reasons:

  • eating while watching television.

  • Eat plenty of high-fat foods such as chocolates, meat and nuts.

  • Do not exercise with foods that cause obesity.

  • Genetic causes.

  • Psychological causes.

  • Take some medicines that cause obesity such as drugs containing cortisone.

  • Sleep after eating direct meals.

Obesity causes some diseases, including

  • heart disease, arteriosclerosis and blockage of the arteries.

  • Severe pain in the joints and bones.

  • Frequent injury to severe headaches due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

  • Diabetes and stress.

How to get rid of obesity:

  • Eat vegetables and fruits because they don't contain calories and help to feel full.

  • Reduce the intake of foods containing fat such as chocolate, nuts and other substances.

  • Have sports activity every day for at least an hour leading to the elimination of obesity and the activation of blood circulation.

  • Drink water before eating to increase the feeling of satiety.

  • Eating slowly makes a person feels that he has eaten a large amount and satiated the opposite of eating in a quick way the person feels that he didn't eat a large amount and therefore eat more.

  • Minimize the intake of foods that contain carbohydrates.

  • Drinking two cups of green tea a day is a loss of about two kilos per month.

  • Eat five meals a day, light and not oily.

  • Replace white bread with brown bread.

  • Keep away from all sugars as much as possible.