How to keep your thinness ?
How to keep your thinness ?
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  • Relieve stress and anxiety A constant feeling of tension leads to weight gain and reversal of results, so you should stay away from this feeling, and look for the right ways to help maintain fitness and weight, and advised to avoid climbing to the balance every day to know the number of kilograms that were lost

Fitness is defined as a set of characteristics that some can accomplish. They are related to the ability to perform any physical physical activity, such as long-distance running, weight bearing, balancing balance, speed, coordination and endurance.

It has many benefits on the human body, such as giving it a healthy appearance and protecting it from many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and stress, which leads many women to maintain their health by following many of the methods we will teach you in this article.

How to maintain your diet…

  • Eat specific amounts of food… so that the lady is full and not full, which ensures the sending of signals to reduce the amount of food intake gradually, in addition to the need to control the diet and the amount consumed especially when feeling the pressure, so leave no room for feelings Control the diet, and must be noted to take care to eat fresh vegetables and fruits regularly.

  • Choose low-calorie foods… Careful when choosing foods especially in terms of calories, preferably not containing large amounts of calories; because they affect the vitality of the body negatively.

  • Don’t deprive yourself of eating.

  • Do not let your body know that it is forbidden or prohibited from certain foods.

  • Chocolate can be eaten at will, but you should not eat too many high calorie foods.

  • Taking enough sleep… You should take enough sleep each day, at least eight hours; it promotes the process of burning fat in the body, knowing that the lack of sleep slow the process of digestion, which adversely affects the process of burning fat.

  • Adherence to exercise The commitment to exercise to maintain the vitality of the body and activity, so it is recommended to exercise every day for a period of not less than a quarter of an hour, especially breathing exercises Calioga, walking, and jogging.

  • Preserving breakfast Some people think that neglecting breakfast enhances the body's ability to burn fat and protects it from the risk of weight gain.

  • However, this belief is wrong, so it is recommended to adhere to the breakfast and to ensure that it contains balanced amounts of elements necessary for the health and safety of the body.