How to Get Rid of Jealousy
How to Get Rid of Jealousy
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Jealousy is a feeling of negative human feelings.

Many people suffer from jealousy, and wish they could get rid of them, and left those negative feelings aside or throw them behind their backs. There are a few steps and actions that will help you get rid of this jealousy.

 Steps to get rid of jealousy :

·        Avoid or reduce the feeling that makes you see yourself lower than others or less of them, this sensitivity will create many complex problems that can be avoided when looking at things more simply, and don’t think too much of yourself.

·        Avoid comparing yourself to others, blaming predestination, living your life and letting others also enjoy their lives.

·        If you feel a bit of selfishness dominating you, and imagine yourself better than other people, and that you deserve more than you get; know that this selfish view comes from a sense of inferiority and an unconscious sense of excessive jealousy of others, but you try to hide your jealousy with such intense selfishness, so Try to get rid of them, by approaching people and not to get away from them as much as possible. The more people you know, the greater your ability to discover aspects of your personality and increase your love for people and end your jealousy.

·        Avoid trying to imitate others, especially those who you are jealous of, make your personality independent, live your life trying to achieve your goals, and this doesn’t prevent that you have a person or a number of people who you take role model, whether from your family or school or work or in the community General take some qualities that can benefit you, but don’t be blind just because he is a successful person, each of us his own individual personality.