How to Avoid Oral Bad Smell ?
How to Avoid Oral Bad Smell ?
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The main causes of bad breath are:

·         Lack of cleaning your mouth properly (misuse of the brush and medical thread and don't use mouthwash daily).

·         Periodontal disease.

·         Eat some foods, such as onions or garlic.

·         Residual food residues in the mouth that are analyzed by bacteria in the mouth.

·         Tobacco and alcohol.

·         Some medications, some medical disorders and poor saliva flow.

·         Systemic diseases such as cancer, diabetes ,liver and kidney disease.

It is difficult for a person to recognize the smell of his mouth, although some people have a bad taste in the mouth (metallic, acid, bitter) related to dry mouth and bad smell.

Tips to remove the bad smell of mouth

Here are a set of basic rules from our experts to help you remove the smell of mouth:

1.       Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and always before bedtime, for at least two minutes.

·         Do not forget to rub your tongue.

·         Consult a dentist or dental health professional about how to clean your teeth properly.

       2. To rub the tongue,you can use a hand or electric brush.

      3.Use a good toothbrush.

·         A dentist can help you find the right type for you.

·         Use the medical thread to remove the bacteria and food residue from the teeth.

4. Use toothpaste containing antibacterial compounds (Triclosan) which helps to prevent bad breath.

5. Use mouthwash lotions twice a day, which greatly reduces the proliferation of bacteria.

6. Visit the dentist regularly for regular checkups and professional cleaning.

7. Prior to the important dates, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of garlic, onions and cheese.

8. Another solution to remove the foul odor is chewing parsley leaves or mint.

·         These leaves help to clean the digestive system and contribute a lot in cases where the source of smell internally.

 9. Chewing sugar-free gum.

10. If the problem is not removed by conventional means, you can go to the surgical treatment, by laser or surgery.