Disney's Newest Princess Will Be Different in a Game-Changing Way
Disney's Newest Princess Will Be Different in a Game-Changing Way
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Disney's newest princess will not have a prince. Moana, Disney's latest animated movie, won't arrive in theaters until Nov. 23, but the film's directors, John Musker and Ron Clements of The Little Mermaid, gave a Comic-Con crowd some exclusive info about the movie.


Most notably, the directors said that Moana will not have a love interest in the film, according to Entertainment Weekly. Instead, Musker shared that the film is about Moana's experience going on a hero's journey, reports the Los Angeles Times. That's a big departure from the Cinderellas and Snow Whites of Disney's past, all of whom had a prince counterpart. But, in recent years, Disney has focused less on love and more on developing dynamic princess personalities. Merida didn't have a love interest in Brave and the same was true for Elsa in Frozen, though fans are now petitioning for Elsa to have a female love interest in the sequel.


Moana is set 2,000 years ago in the Pacific Ocean, where the titular character Moana sets out to fulfill the quest of her ancestors to save the world, with the help of the demigod Maui. Auli'i Cravalho, a native Hawaiian, will be the voice of Moana, and Dwayne Johnson will voice Maui.


At Comic-Con, the directors surprised fans with various clips from the movie, including the film's first three minutes. The clips show Moana hearing the legend of Maui from her grandmother, Moana and Maui meeting, and a scene that depicts the first time Moana interacts with the ocean. This is an important moment, because Moana and the ocean develop a relationship so special that the ocean is "very much a character," the Los Angeles Times reports.


Like FrozenMoana will be a musical. The directors revealed that Johnson will be singing a song specifically written for him by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man behind the hit musical Hamilton. Miranda is one of Moana's composers, so you can expect Frozen level epic-ness from the soundtrack.