Senior Software Developer

Job title: Senior Software Engineer
Annual salary: Dependent upon Applicant
Worksite: Flexible, Work-from-Home           
Education Requirements: M.S. in Computer Science
Minimum months or years of experience required: 6+ years in software product development

Description of Job Skill Requirements:

The software developer must have -
• Proficiency in C
• Proficiency in Java
• Extensive knowledge in code development and troubleshooting anomalies (bugs) required
• Socket Level Programming experience
• Experienced on Linux

TCP knowledge a plus Networking knowledge a plus
Knowledge of IPtables a plus
Knowledge of OVSDB a plus
Experience with Virtual Machines and Containers a plus
Knowledge of resolving build issues a plus
Knowledge of troubleshooting with Valgrind or similar a plus
Knowledge of AWS EC2 a plus

To Apply

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